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Immunocologie Intensive Eye Cream


A stimulating crème rich in antioxidants and minerals that reduces puffiness and dark circles. Intense Eye Crème stimulates blood flow and eliminates impurities from around the orbital eye area. The primary active, the Lannea Microcarpa Fruit Extract, has a vasoconstrictor effect when applied on the skin, reducing the capillary enlargement that causes puffiness and dark circles. Intense Eye Crème also contains a wealth of antioxidants, minerals and sirtuines that inhibit cellular decline.

  • Benefits
  • Reduces wrinkle depth and volume
  • Smoothes and hydrates delicate skin around the orbital eye area
  • Promotes cellular regeneration
  • Increases elasticity around the orbital eye area
  • Firms and tones the appearance of the skin


Aqua, Balanites roxburghii seed oil, Helianthus annus seed oil, Alcohol (Extracted from beets/Extrait de la betterave), Protium heptaphyllum resin, Xanthan gum, Gluconolactone, Sodium stearoyl glutamate, Sodium benzoate, Benzyl alcohol (Preservative function/agent conservateur), Maltodextrin, Tocopherol (mixed), Sucrose stearate, Carrageenan, Sorbitol, Triticum vulgare / aestivum grain extract, Lannea microcarpa fruit extract, Butyrospermum parkii butter extract, Calcium gluconate, Persea gratissima seed extract, Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract, Montmorillonite*, Illite*, Kaolin*, Canadian Colloidal Clay* (*Vital Oligo Complex)


15 ml.

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