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Reisa Perfume Oil


Making its debut in celebrity bags at New York Fashion Week last fall, REISA, the first fragrance by Los Angeles based perfumer Truly Yours Parfums, is a citrusy-floral based scent anchored with a hint of on-trend woody oud. The scent stands out from a stacked sector of celebrity and designer fragrances as a luxury niche indie brand, classic yet exclusive.

French inspired, Los Angeles created, Truly Yours was founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Sheba Grobstein who collaborated with “nose” Sarah Horowitz-Thran of Kai Fragrance fame on REISA.


TOP NOTES: Italian bergamot and lime blossom

MIDDLE NOTES: Tuberose, orange blossom, jasmine, stargazer lily

BASE NOTES Oud, vanilla, patchouli


.3 fl oz

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